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GulfStream Outdoors becomes WM Bayou

Hey there, folks! So, I recently shared a video on my channel that's been causing quite the splash. It's called "The End of Gulfstream Outdoors," but don't worry, it's not as dramatic as it sounds. In fact, it's the start of a new, exciting chapter in my fishing and 3D printing adventures!

The video starts with me yammering about a recent offshore tuna fishing trip in Louisiana with Southern Catch Outfitters. I'm still nursing a cramp in my arm from reeling in those big fish - talk about a workout, right?

Now, here's the big news - I'm giving Gulfstream Outdoors a makeover! We're changing our name to WM Bayou Lures. Why, you ask? Well, juggling two names for the same thing was like trying to fish with two rods at once - confusing and a bit of a mess!

I started Gulfstream Outdoors during the pandemic, and it quickly morphed into a hub for lure design using 3D printers. I even got a call from a guy in Michigan who wanted me to build a frog lure. Next thing I know, I'm a part-owner of a fishing lure company. Talk about a wild ride!

At first, I was as reluctant as a fish out of water. But soon, I was hooked! However, keeping the businesses separate was like trying to keep two live fish in the same hand - slippery and confusing. So, I decided to merge them under the new name, WM Bayou Lures.

But don't worry, my fellow fishing enthusiasts! Even though the name's changing, the content will stay the same. I know you guys love refreshing my channel page (I see you!), and I promise, new logos and banners are on their way.

Oh, and did I mention I caught my first tuna? It didn't taste great, but hey, it's all about the experience, right? And keep your eyes peeled for a big announcement that's going to "change the game." I can't spill the beans yet, but it's going to be fin-tastic!

So, if you're into fishing, bait-making, and 3D printing, WM Bayou Lures is the channel for you. We've got plenty of exciting updates coming your way. As I always say, "take care and see you next week.


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