Collection: WM Bayou Tadler Panfish Trout Crappie Sunfish Bluegill Lure

WM Bayou Tadler Lure on a jig
Meet the Tadler, the little lure with a big appetite for catching all your freshwater favorites! Whether it's the shimmering trout, the wily walleye, or the peppy panfish, The Tadler is up for the challenge. Don't let its micro size fool you; this pint-sized powerhouse is a magnet for bluegill, sunfish, panfish, trout, walleye, and crappie. It's like hosting a party in the water, and everyone's invited!
With its vibrant colors and lifelike swimming moves, the Tadler doesn't just enter the water; it makes a splash! It's the life of the underwater party, drawing in all the fishy folks with its irresistible dance moves. And guess what? They can't help but bite! Its realistic design is a showstopper, mimicking the natural moves and grooves of real prey.