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Techno Frog

Techno Frog

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The Techno Frog is One of the Best Finesse Bass Lures

  • 4 Inch Finesse Bait

  • Realistic Action in a Soft Plastic Bait

  • Rig it Ned, Drop Shot, Weedless, or Conventional Jig Head

  • Largemouth, Smallmouth, and More!

  • Made in the USA

  • Buy 2 or more packs and get free shipping!

The Techno Frog is proudly designed and made in America with the highest quality materials. Its unique, ergonomic design allows for maximum action and movement in the water, making it the perfect choice for any serious angler.

The Techno Frog's realistic colors and durable construction ensure that it stands up to even the toughest bites and catches the eye of the fish. Its versatile design allows for use in a variety of fishing situations, whether you're casting from shore, fishing from a boat, or flipping through weeds.

Support American-made products and join the ranks of satisfied Techno Frog users. Order now and start reeling in those big bass today!

Check out this article on how to rig and fish the Techno Frog!

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