Catching Spawning Bass on the Techno Frog - WM Bayou

Catching Spawning Bass on the Techno Frog

Do you wish you had more information about bass spawn finesse fishing? During the bass spawn, anglers may face difficulties but also enjoy increased success. Your chances of reeling in a massive bass will be significantly improved if you are well-versed on the best fishing spots and bait to employ. In this piece, we'll discuss fishing at various depths and how to effectively use the WM Bayou Techno Frog on a Texas Rig.

Largemouth bass caught with the techno frog

Bass often congregate in seas less than 10 feet deep during the spawn. Bass like to nest in locations with structure like weed beds, stumps, and rocks. Drop shots, shaky heads, and Texas rigs, all forms of finesse fishing, may be extremely productive in these kinds of environments.

Finesse fishing during the spawn calls for a bait like the WM Bayou Techno Frog. Bass are amphibians, and this lure was created to resemble their favorite food: the frog. The WM Bayou Techno Frog is an excellent choice for finesse fishing during the spawn, and the Texas rig is a versatile arrangement that allows for a more natural presentation of the lure.

A WM Bayou Techno Frog rigged on a 2/0 or 3/0  worm hook is ready for a day of Texas Rig fishing. After that, you'll want to add a bullet weight to the line and secure it with a swivel so it doesn't slip. Then, connect the Texas rig to your primary line by tying a fluorocarbon leader to the swivel.

Cast your Texas rig and WM Bayou Techno Frog into structure and wait a few seconds before retrieving. Then, twitch it ever so slightly to make the frog appear alive. The bite is often subtle during the spawn so pay attention, let them eat and then set the hook!

Last but not least, bass spawn finesse fishing can be a difficult but rewarding endeavor. Try fishing in water no deeper than 10 feet and in locations with structure. Use delicate casts and retrieves like drop shots, shaky heads, and Texas rigs, and think about utilizing the WM Bayou Techno Frog as your lure of choice. You can catch big bass with only a little bit of time and effort.



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