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Rigging the Techno Frog for the Perfect Back Slide: Our Guide

Hey there, fellow anglers! We are here to share a cool technique we stumbled upon that has completely transformed the way we use the Techno Frog lure. We are talking about stack rigging or backslide rigging, a method that gives the Techno Frog a totally different action underwater, especially when you're skipping under docks or lily pads. Let's dive into the details!

The Backslide Rigging Technique

We first saw this technique in a video by the guys over at the Hookup Tackle, and we were so impressed that we decided to try it on our Techno Frog. The results were phenomenal! Here's how we do it:

1. Choosing the Right Hook

We found that the Owner Twist Lock hooks, particularly the model 5167W (6/0, 3/32), work best for this technique. The weight is located near the curve of the hook, giving the Techno Frog the desired action underwater.

2. Adjusting the Weight

A great tip we learned is that you can slide the weight up and down to achieve different actions. Use a pair of pliers to adjust the weight to your preference.

3. Rigging it Backwards

Yes, you read that right! We rig the Techno Frog backwards to give it a unique action. Here's how:

  • Insert the screw lock into the back of the Techno Frog, aiming to get it as centered as possible.
  • Twist it down until you reach near the bottom.
  • Ensure it hangs straight to avoid gliding more to one side.
  • Find the exit point in the middle of the lure and bring the hook through, maintaining a straight alignment.

4. Testing the Setup

Although not completely weedless, this setup offers a good profile and is less likely to get hung up. You can also try tex-posing to provide a bit of cover, but do note that it tends to pop out due to the design.

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