Collection: FreeFall Fry Dropshot Finesse

Introducing the FreeFall Fry—your go-to lure for dropshot and finesse fishing that is meticulously designed to mimic the lifelike motion of a small fish. Engineered with the modern angler in mind, this lure maximizes realism and functionality for a fishing experience like no other.


Hyper-Realistic Design: The FreeFall Fry captures the intricate details and colors of a real small fish, deceiving even the most cautious predators into taking a bite.

Ultra-Responsive Action: With its scientifically engineered tail and fins, this lure moves gracefully in the water, imitating the natural swim pattern of a live fry, ensuring you get more bites and hookups.

Versatile Design: Ideal for both dropshot and finesse techniques, the FreeFall Fry performs excellently in various water conditions—be it fresh, saltwater, or murky waters.